What is the Canada Direct service?
Canada Direct is an automated international access service that allows you, from abroad, to call Canada, another country or to call within the other country and pay Canadian international long distance rates instead of the rates of the country you are in. Canada Direct service is convenient because it gives you the possibility to call Canada from over 130 countries, and to call 240 other countries around the world from 70 countries.

Why use the Canada Direct service?
Because it gives you access to bilingual operators (English or French) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Canada Direct also offers services in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Tagalog. The operators offer the usual services; they can also set up conference calls and obtain Canadian telephone number information. Your calls will be charged according to Canadian international long distance rates. By using a calling card from one of the Canadian companies listed below and the Canada Direct service, you can more effectively control your expenses since you receive an itemised phone bill confirming the calls that you made. This service also allows you to avoid paying expensive surcharges in hotels.

Which calling cards are compatible with the Canada Direct service?
Only the calling cards from the Canadian companies listed below are accepted.

How much does the Canada Direct service cost?
Using Canada Direct is free. You pay only the Canadian international long distance rate associated with the calling card of the Canadian company you are using.

How to use the Canada Direct service:
In the Canada Direct list, find the access number for the country you are in and follow the instructions.

What are the rates?
Calls from Canada to another country are not priced at the same rate as calls from another country to Canada. Be sure to clarify your calling location and destination countries when you speak to the Canada Direct operator.

Which long distance savings plans are used?
Click on the logo of the Canadian phone company you are using for specific rate information.

How to find a country and its Canada Direct service access number:
The section Access Numbers contains the numbers you need. Our information regarding countries and access numbers is regularly updated.

How to obtain a Canada Direct Wallet Guide:
For a free Canada Direct Wallet Guide, call 1-800-561-8868. You can also ask your travel agent or one of the following Canadian companies listed below.